come today for a special why is alex dumb test

if you do not come to the test, you will be kicked out of the school

your nan


  1. Gentlemen
    The details for THE ANNUAL ANTI GRAPE DAY fixture have changed. The meeting time for the U12A and U12B is now 8.15am at the front of school in full school tracksuit. 

      NewDue Saturday 10thPosted by Tallan Gill to Set 7Ga-11, 24 minutes ago

    • Using the attached techniques (not all but a select few), write/ finish your poem about portraying the important message about master trumpalooney.
      If you've finished please read for 45 minutes about the rise and fall of the soviet union. or if you wish to die then don't

      NewDue on Trump's definite reelection date, Posted by Stephanie Harris to Set 7G-En and Set 7H-En, 2 hours ago

    • Learn vocabulary 'You ES ESTUPIDOOOOOOO'.DIE GRAPES. Test next Monday.

      NewDue the next time the berlin wall falls, Posted by Guillermo Martin to Set 7H-Sp, Yesterday at 10:00

    • Homework is to do each do 20/25 minutes contributing to your group's project about how bannanas are the superior fruit.

        NewDue when we build a wall, Posted by TRUMPMark Willingham to Set 7H-Rs, Yesterday at 09:21

      Announcements & Messages for YO SUCKERS

      1. LIFE OF A GRAPE is SOLD OUT on all nights. Do not come if you do not have a ticket as you will not get in. To be added to the waiting list contact the box office.

          Posted by BATMAN, Yesterday at 11:40

        • The Latymer Standard team have been working hard to deliver an ANTI GRAPES edition of 'The Latymer Standard' which can be found here if you haven't been lucky enough to stumble across a hard copy. Enjoy! 

            Posted by YOUR NAN, 02/11/2016 at 10:08


          Timetable for NOOBISH NOOBSS

          Posts, Comments & SPAMMMMMMMMMMM

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          Years 7-11 Playground Rotas


          1. Today

            Thursday 8 December

            1. WEEK A
          2. Tomorrow

            Friday 9 December

            1. WEEK A
          3. Saturday

            Saturday 10 December

            1. Sunday

              Sunday 11 December

              1. Monday

                Monday 12 December

                1. WEEK B
                3. 08:50REGISTRATION FOR PUPILS - 8.50am

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